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El Last Thursday, the program ‘Para todos la 2’ of RTVE was about Optima Renovables and its products in a particular issue focused on portable units that only need solar energy to run with.

During the broadcast, firstly there was a short report where people can watch the autonomous operation of the H2optima  water treatment, their different uses and what kind of requirements is intended.

On set, the journalist Marta Caceres interviewed Javier Pina, founder of Optima Renovables, who explained to the audience various details about H2optima water treatment machine.

During the interview, Javier Pina explained that there are different versions of H2optima depending on the needs of who requests for  it and for what reasons. So, there is an H2optima for safe water , one for sea water and a last one for contaminated water.

With accurate data, Javier Pina explained that one H2optima unit working with contaminated water can obtain an amount of 7,000 to 8,000 liters of purified water a day.

During the interview he also talked about the special Optima Renovables business format, a cluster, an association of companies joining their knowledge to develop new products together, providing "what each does best with a common goal," said Javier Pina.

Marta Caceres highlighted how curious this type of business groups are. About this issue, Javier Pina said it was amazing “the knowledge that can be found in 50 kilometers”, referring to the initiative he co-founded.

In the broadcast focused in solar products, Javier Pina also spoke  about FAMa photovoltaic streetlight, a product developed by Optima Renovables which is a "smart streetlight”

The FAMa photovoltaic streetlight can be installed anywhere and, in a few days, you know where it is located and what its performance given its location should be like. It is a smart product.

Javier Pina said that when FAMa knows its location, it can give the necessary light for three nights with solar energy collected in a single day.

‘Para todos la 2’ is a television program from Spanish TV focused on social interest and public Participation, broadcasted every day from Monday to Friday, led by Marta Caceres and Juanjo Pardo.