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"According to United Nations studies, people at high risk of water shortage is forecasted at 2,3 billions in 2025"

Keeping in mind ths very dramatic forecast, Optima Renovables has joined its efforts regarding water treatment to solve these deficiencies combined with Photovoltaic and Water.

H2Optima is a self-containd and portable designed equipment to produce potable water for human or agricultural use, from sea, Brackish or contaminated water, without any energy supply, using solar panels. This equipment allows production of up to 7.500 liters/day of water, depending on the water to be treated, working only with solar energy.

For large quantities of water we have H2Optima-L in versions of up to 50.000 liters/day also only working with solar energy. All the necessary equipment is placed in a shipping container.

When necessary, you can add a DC-AC transformer to complete the production during the night.



The main characteristics of the equipment are:

  • Does not depend on any external input of energy since it has it's own solar panels.
  • Does not depend on any generated energy accumulation for not raising the product and making it lighter. (Does not contain batteries).
  • Quick installation.
  • Compact and lightweight device with a pull-down structure of the photovoltaic modules to expand the area of solar radiation.
  • Intelligent management of energy produced and consumed by the device.
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC: Its management does not require specialized personnel.
  • Producing potable water anywhere and at low cost.
  • High-performance photovoltaic modules for energy production.
  • Reverse osmosis to remove dissolved salts in water.
  • Minimum maintenance.

In collaboration with:

solar trackers of 1 or 2 axes

repair wind turbine



Solar water purification unit




Solar water purification unit




Solar water purification unit



Solar water purification unit