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Anaerobic digestion can be implemented in a number of industries for the treatment of effluents and waste containing organic matter, and to produce renewable energy in the form of biogas. It's a biological process which tranforms organic matter into biogas. Biogas is a renewable energy which contains up to 70% methane (Ch4); it can replace fossil fuels which are more expensive and more harmfuls for the enviorement.

Biogas production by anaerobic digestion is considered a very useful way to treat biodegradable waste since it's fuel produces high-energy, biogas, which produces a clean effluent and solid waste produced can be applied as a generic soil conditioner or fertilizer.



This is why OPTIMA RENOVABLES has created a division specializing in organic waste treatment, establishing a partnership with the company VALBIO, who owns Methacore technology. This technology allows Optima to propose an effective, profitable, and sustainable energy solution for the production of biogas and clean wastewater through anaerobic digesters, which treat organic effluents from the wine and food industries.


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