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The support system for OPTIMA NET solar panels presents some technical features designed to facilitate the placement and maintenance of photovoltaic systems, for non-traffic roofs type preferably, such as flat roof of commercial facilities or sports pavilions.

The support is made up of a single molded body of plastic material, with a wide support base and sloping face for the support of photovoltaic solar panels anchored by fixing clamps.

Due to the rounded edges, there are no attacks or tears in this kind of decks.OPTIMA NET system is calculated according to the NET fluid CFD studies in extreme wind conditions.

Photovoltaic panel fixing system

The assembly and layout of the PV system is very simple because the system allows for any FV module size. The tolerance between the supports creates a quick installation on the surface of the roof.

The OPTIMA NET system installation is completed with rear and side deflectors eliminating wind forces in the backfill of the photovoltaic module.

In case of need include a high ballast is needed due to the wind conditions, the  OPTIMA NET system is equipped with a surface to place a ballast greater than 25 Kg.

Warehouse with fixed photovoltaic panels

Water purification unit H2optima

Optima NET 

PV fixing system for flat roofs


Optima NET 

PV fixing system for flat roofs