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Photovoltaic energy products


Optima Renovables is an association of companies in various areas of industry and technology with the aim of developing common projects and products based on renewable energy applications.

This cluster format of companies has generated an exceptional creative synergy, which has allowed us to launch multiple innovative products in a short period of time.

In addition this ensures long term quality post-sales service for all our customers.

The founding companies' activities have been developed for over 25 years nationally and internationally with accredited experience in many different sectors while working for bi companies in each sector.

Optima Renovables, thanks to its synergy which ocurrs within the group , have been able to not only conduct enviromental facilities but also with the best quality and price. As well, it has been able to develop and market its own products which are committed to the enviroment.


Optima Renovables

is made up  of the following companies:

Engineering outsourcing services- SOLID Group